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After an exhilarating day we come to the end and are declared ESL Paris champions.

Semi Finals

The first match of the day was Vexed vs BeGenius in which we showed a dominate performance on our first map choice, train, winning the first half 11-4 on the CT Side and we showed no sign of slowing down as we take the terrorist side victory after a shakey start and close the map out 16-7.

The Next Map to be played would be Cobble in which we had played the previous night numerous times in the ESEA Dreamhack Vegas Qualifiers. We start terrorist side and show no mercy as we display our raw aim combined with strategy the French Nation and we take the first half 10-5, with Deao gaining two knife kills to add insult to injury. The Counter-Terrorist side starts opening up with an impressive 5K Pistol round from amenak to secure the A bomb site, putting vexed in the advantage, but BeGenius comeback fighting and string an impressive number of rounds together closing the gap within the game, the team reset and fix their issues, closing out the game 16-12.

Grand finals

The team had prepared hard for the finals, but there is a twist, due to the teams tight schedule the we only had time to prepare for one opponent, after comparing teams and rankings we decided to prepare for a grand final VS Team LDLC. but due to an upset which saw Queen Consolidated defeat Team LDLC in a convincing fashion we would face QC in the grand finals.

Queen Consolidated consists of ex-EnvyUs star ‘Devil’ and a line up of well known french players from within the scene. The first map pick would see us face off on the PuG star map, Dust 2. at one point, we saw QC 8-0 up, the team made the come back to eventually take the lead by one point. unfortantly we lose the following round to an impressive explosive hit from QC, resetting our economy and lose the first map 16-13

The next map to be played would be cobblestone with Vexed starting CT side, after an amazing USP-S Ace from amaNeK holding down A site solo we take the pistol round. we finish the first half at a very close 8-7 and close out the game 16-9 on.

The third and final map played would be cache to decide the winner with vexed starting CT again, we win the pistol round and take 5 rounds consecutivly finishing the first half 12-3, on the terrorist side, the vexed team hit some early bumps in the road losing the pistol round and being shut down in the rifle round, but a great 2v1 clutch from devoduvek see’s vexed take another round. after breaking the Queen Consos economy we take the round 14 and close the game out in a beautiful fashion 16-5.

WE ARE YOUR ESL PARIS Championnat National Winter 2016 Champions! – Vods of the tournament can be found below! 😀