Welcome Dipparn – UKCSGO Line up finalised

Posted by Admin October 20, 2017 in Team VexedVexed CSGO

Please welcome, Dennis ‘Dipparn’ Muslijevic to the Vexed family.

After opening communication with team singularity we are happy to announce that after some discussion we have come to an agreement which see’s the transfer of Dipparn from Team Singularity to Vexed Gaming.

Dipparn will Join his fellow Swedish comrade Max ‘Quix’ Lindkvist in the Vexed UK CSGO Roster, We are very excited to welcome him to the Vexed family.

‘During our training sessions with Dipparn he has shown excellent skill and knowledge within counterstrike, his communication has been some of the best I have ever heard and really look forward to working with him.’ – Mark ‘Princess’ Weller.

The full UK Roster can be found below:

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