Winter Assembly 2017 invitational

Posted by Admin February 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

We were confident, after spending 4 days at bootcamp in Paris, where we had defeated teams such as the Danish organisation Heroic and put up strong close fights with teams such as the swedish legends that are ninjas in pyjamas.

The team had also played the Closed Qualifiers for the Hellcase cup 2 hosted by Hellcase and the UCC league after receiving an invite easing past the Spanish team KPI and facing an intense best of 3 against our foes Dark Passage (who had denied our chances to to the Dream-hack Las Vegas closed qualifier s in December). After defeating dark passage and qualifying for the main event the team were indeed in high spirits and we’re excited to head of Helsinki Finland for our first International LAN event of the year.

The team started strong taking a 11-4 lead against Finnish team: Paranoia esports and eventually closing the game out after some CT troubles 16:11. The next game was against the German organization, Planet Key Dynamics.

Again the game started off strong taking a 8-1 lead, but mistakes caused us to lose 6 rounds in a row closing out our first half 8-7, during the second hard the troubles continued as we we tie 12-12, eventually losing the match 16-12

After dropping to the lower bracket we played the lower bracket finals vs another French team (DizLown gaming) on Nuke and Cobblestone.
It appeared Dizlown had prepared for us after our attendance in some larger profile tournaments only weeks and days prior to the event and had studied our game as we were met with strong counters.

Unfortunately we fall as we are caught off guard and are eliminated from the tournament. GGWP to Dizlown who then went on to win the tournament vs Outlaws in the grand finals.

Apart from the upsets, over all we had an amazing time, the event was ran very smoothly and the staff and hosts were very polite and helpful.

We would like to thank Assembly for inviting us to the event and hope to see you again soon.

We would also like to thank our main sponsors, We Got Game, whom without the event would have been impossible.