Wipr Joins Vexed as CSGO analyst

Posted by Admin March 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

Welcome Wipr.

With our recent CSGO roster changes we have decided to introduce a new member to the Vexed CSGO team, this time in the form of an analyst. Renaud ‘Wipr’ Malfait Will help the Vexed.CSGO team to improve their game and we are extremely excited to see how we perform with this new perspective added to our game.

Renaud ‘Wipr’ Malfait had this to say;

“Recently I missed the opportunity to work as an analyst for one of the best European team. Until then I was only producing analysis videos about CS:GO and casting some matches once in a while, and that little missed opportunity just “clicked” in my head : from being a simple spectator, I could become a real actor within the scene by proposing my services to a professional team.
Immediately I thought of Vexed Gaming who was engaged in different leagues such as ESEA Premier and I decided to contact NpK who was back then coach of the team. One thing leading to another, my proposal seduced them and that’s how I now have the opportunity to work with their CSGO roster.”