Hands on with the XPG Gammix D10 memory

Posted by Admin November 17, 2019 in Reviews

Sleek, Powerful and easy to install – what more could you ask for when looking for that perfect memory for your dream build.

ADATA has been the second-biggest manufacturer of RAM since 2016 worldwide, and we’ve got our hands on their new XPG GAMMIX D10 DDR4 to see if it lives up to the expectations. It comes in the following kits: 8GB x 2, 16GB x 4, 8GB x 2, and 16GB x 4 and it prides itself on being designed for gamers and PC enthusiasts and offers factory speeds up to 3200MHz straight out of the box at an affordable price.

The D10 improves signal transfer quality and maintains stable operation at all times due to its high-quality PCBs. As most PC cases have a clear window at the side it is suddenly very important for the software inside to live up to expectations with appearance. So how does it look? While the XPG GAMMIX D10 DDR4 does not have the flashy look of RGB lighting, what it doesn’t have in flashy colours, it makes up for it in its aesthetic sleek design, adopting an open-top, serrated heatsink edge. This sleek, open-topped design, along with 2oz copper, assists in dissipating heat. It offers a choice between Red or Black, meaning that It could be suitable for almost any PC build. In addition to all this – its low, compact height allows for easy installation in builds of any shape or size.

If all this wasn’t enough to convince you, all ADATA memory modules come with a lifetime warranty, followed up by excellent customer service to offer you peace of mind when making
your decision. Here are just a few more additions that the D10 offer:
● Supports the latest Intel X299 platform and implements 2666MHz
● Superior power efficiency: 20% less draw than DDR3 (operating voltage decreased from 1.5V
to 1.2V)
● Intel XMP 2.0 – more accessible overclocking
● RoHS compliant

We absolutely love the XPG Gammix D10 and would recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their machine at a low low cost!