The world first hybrid liquid-air cooled DRAM.

Posted by Admin October 31, 2018 in Reviews

Last month we received a beautiful supply drop from from XPG by Adata, as you may have seen on our Twitter. Since then they have been installed in our test build at Vexed HQ and have been put through their paces.

Today we are taking a look at the XPG by Adata Spectrixs D80 RGB Water-cooled DDR4 RAM. The kits are available in a range of speeds from 3200MHz, 3600MHz and 4133MHz and embody a rather edgy design with two aluminium heatsinks.

As mentioned, the XPG by Adata D80 Spectrixs offers a beautiful bright RGB that we all love to see, the colours are extremely vibrant and blend well when defused by the liquid which is fantastic to see, as we have noticed a lot of LEDS in other brands of RGB DRAM that fail to defuse into that much desired gradient. The D80 LEDS also work with a large range of light sync technologies such as; Asus Aura sync, MSI Light sync and ASRock RGB Sync making it simple to customise and synchronise your RGB light show with other components you may have in your system.

Now moving onto the water-cooling, each module holds a chamber towards to the top of the DRAM which holds a sealed enclosure of 3M Novec Liquid, 3M Novec liquid has been commonly used for immersion cooling. The liquid has high thermal conductivity and no electrical conductivity, which means even if something was to happen to your system, the liquid would cause no electrical shorts. The water cooling adds to the design of this rather futuristic DRAM, with a visible bubble in the chamber it is certainly aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re looking to build or upgrade your system then we would certainly recommend taking a look at the XPG by Adata D80 Spectrixs DRAM, with cooling unlike anything else on the market and stunning RGB this will certainly tickle any enthusiasts pickle.

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