Apex Legends Global Series Roster

Posted by Admin January 25, 2020 in Team Vexed

We are excited to announce our full roster for the Apex Legends Global series.

After months of searching we have locked in the services of Michal “Kiyo” Boltromiuk and Matthew “SirDel” Biggins. The guys will be joining Daniel “Skiin” O’Hare to complete our Apex roster.

It is no secret that we have been without a fixed roster for a while, however, we decided to take time to find the right line up for our team after Dr Sodium decided to take a step back from competitive play and JTB moved to the team manager position. Since coming onboard with Vexed, SirDel has proved himself as one of the top talents within the game and we are excited to see how this young Brit can explode on the big stage. His synergy with our IGL Skiin and raw fragging power is a large factor in what we find so appealing with this young gun. This goes equally for Kiyo who had joined on a trial basis the past few weeks, he has quickly slotted in with the team and shown his desire to become one of the best players in the scene. Our Apex manager Steve “JTB” James had this to say about the lineup. “I am thrilled to have Kiyo and SirDel onboard with us, this group has the potential to become one of the best in the scene and we are hyped to see where this can go, We are here to show off UK Apex in the server… with a dash of Polish flair”.

Chief Gaming Officer Mark Weller stated, “After speaking with the team at EA and Respawn in regards to what they have in store for competitive Apex (legends) we are extremely excited to have a strong lineup with some fantastic British and European talent under our banner.”

The team’s first competitive event will be ALGS qualifiers for the first Apex Legends Major tomorrow (Sunday 26th January).


Daniel “Skiin” O’Hare
Michal “Kiyo” Boltromiuk
Matthew “SirDel” Biggins

Steve “JTB” James – Team Manager

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