Ballistix – The gamers choice of memory

Posted by Admin August 22, 2017 in Reviews

So it came to that dreaded time I needed to replace some of the aging components of my RIG. The RAM in my PC has been something I’ve neglected for quite some time, so I decided to start initially with this.

Introducing the Crucial Ballistix DDR4 RAM stick to my RIG was a fine choice if I do say so myself. Now, unless you have a clear window to the inside of your RIG, it’s not really worth noting how the stick looks, although I opted for the Sport version and oh my days does it look pretty sweet. With 3 different options for the RAM to purchase, with a Sport version, noted as a target for Desktops and gaming rigs. Tactical suggested specifically for Gaming rigs and Elite mentioned for the more high end desktops.

All three models come with a range from 4-8GB, but vary in speeds dependent on which one you opt in for. The Sport model offering 2400 MT/s – The Tactical offering 2666, 3000 MT/s and the Elite boasting 2666, 3000, 3200 MT/s.

What Ballistix excel in is their ability to cater for Hardcore gamers and overclockers alike, with their next-gen Advanced heat spreader, and real time temperature monitoring ensuring your hardware doesn’t overheat. Not being one for much overclocking, I wouldn’t generally be able to comment on it’s ability, however Ballistix are confident in the ease of optimal overclocking.

Varying from £35.97 to £150.99 for Elite, £70.98 for Tactical and £29.01 to £530.99 for Sport on for a variety of DDR3 models and DDR4 models, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect RAM partner for your RIG. These can be purchased in singles, or even in ‘packs’ to ensure you’re getting great value for money. The Sport model provides such a massive variety of choice, which has been favored by many when putting together their new RIG. I myself opted for the Crucial 32GB DDR4 2400 Memory Kit as I found that 64GB may have been just a little bit overkill for myself, but that’s merely down to personal preference. I’ve already noticed a massive improvement which is long overdue, and would definitely recommend Ballistix to many interested in improving their current RAM.

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