Beardageddons £1000 Booty Brawl!

Posted by Admin August 16, 2021 in News

The seas have been kinda quiet as of late! But our resident lord of the seas Beardageddon has been brewing up a storm in partnership with Logitech G and Vexed Gaming!

On Monday 23rd August Beardageddon and 5 other content creators will be taking part in Beardageddon’s Booty Brawl! A duos tournament putting 3 pairs of your favorite Sea of Thieves content creators in a race to see who really is the master of collecting all the booty.

Invites are out, Team’s have been randomly selected, Find out who will be participating and partnering up below!

Team One: Beardageddon & HappyKrakenX
Team Two: bbxh & AweCoop 
Team Three: Captain_Falcore & Spammals
Team Four: FOXD1E & YooKaydw
Team Five: LSylvr & KHARITES

About the event:

Date: 23rd August
Time: 2-7pm BST / 6-11am PST
Prize Pool: £1000 (50% to Charity Gamer’s Beat Cancer / 50% to Content Creator prize pool.

Prize Split: 1st: £250 / 2nd: £150 / 3rd: £100

The content creators will be teaming up in an effort to score as many points as possible throughout the duration of the event!

Score Sheet

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