Paradox Boomsday Warrior deck

Posted by Admin August 6, 2018 in Guides

With the Boomsday Project rapidly approaching i’m sure you’ll be interested in figuring out what is going to be viable once the expansion hits. While everyone will be figuring out how best to use Druid, today I bring to you an older deck archetype revitalized with the new cards; Dead Man’s / Fatigue Warrior.

Hearthstone Decklist Code: AAECAQcEpOcCmu4C9PUCkvgCDUuQA6IEkQb/B/sMvsMCzM0Cjs4C8dMCz+cCm/MCg/sCAA==



The general strategy of the deck is to use two copies of Dead Man’s Hand which allows you to shuffle a copy of your hand into your deck (Allowing you to always have two copies of Dead Man’s Hand available), and as a result never die to traditional fatigue damage. You then proceed to use cards like Bring it On! and Brawl to ensure that your opponent can’t kill you by using burn damage or overrunning the board with minions. Depending on the matchup the cards you will want to cycle back into your deck will change, as well as your general gameplan those being explained below:


Shield Slam & Execute are your primary forms of removal, allowing you to clear minions that you would otherwise not want to waste board clears or possible mechs from Dr. Boom if the game goes on for long enough.


Battle Rage, Shield Block & Acolyte of Pain are your forms of draw support which allow you to cycle cards through your deck quickly allowing you to then use Dead Man’s Hand to have a constant stream of the resources necessary to win the matchup you are currently playing in.


Warpath & Brawl are the two board clears (Or aoes) used to clear the board and in the vast majority of matchups are the main things you are looking to gain more of when recycling cards into your deck, along with Shield Block or Bring it On! as explained earlier.


Dr. Boom & Omega Assembly are part of your endgame to allow yourself to have an unlimited amount of mechs so that you can always contest the board while gaining armor & resources. Though in some matchups you can just use Omega Assembly just to find the single mech since armor will be all you’ll need in order to win.


Cornered Sentry + Drywhisker Armorer & Bring it On! Are your ways of being able to gain armor in order to withstand pressure from aggressive decks, as well as ensuring you don’t lose to random burst damage vs control decks when you’re planning on using Dead Man’s Hand at the end of the game.


Weapons Project allows you not only an additional way to clear the early board a potentially aggressive deck could throw at you but against control decks also allows you to destroy key weapons that are crucial to their strategy such as Skull of the Man’ari for Cube Warlock or Twig of the World Tree present in multiple builds of Druid that are looking to finish opponents off with a 20 mana turn.


Azalina Soulthief & Marin the Fox are the final tech choices to allow yourself to beat Shudderwock Shaman consistently, creating a board full of chests for your opponent and then using the Drywhisker Armorer to gain more armor than the Lifedrinker your Shudderwock opponent uses to damage you can deal. Should Shudderwock Shaman turn out to be on the decline these cards can easily be replaced for things that help the overall strategy more smoothly such as Scourgelord Garrosh or more removal such as Slam.


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