Fortnite: A change of direction

Posted by Admin January 17, 2020 in Vexed Fortnite

Here at Vexed, we’re determined to continue evolving, developing & moving to keep things fresh and stay are the forefront of UK esports. Unfortunately, this sometimes means taking a step back from some scenes, and so today we are announcing that we are moving away from competitive Fortnite, and will not be renewing our contracts with our current 3 man competitive Fortnite roster; Kylester, Tesquo & Snaffu.

We want to thank the boys for their dedication and everything that they’ve achieved whilst under the Vexed Banner, while also celebrating what they have achieved, including some great placements in the Summer Skirmish and the Winter Royale tournaments.

However, We’re not leaving Fortnite behind! Following on from this, we are now looking towards the future, looking to grow our roster of content creators and so we are putting a call out to all Fortnite content creators, Youtubers and Streamers We want you!

We currently already work with some fantastic live streamers, and are keen to get more people on board; providing content creators with tonnes of opportunities and making even more of a splash in the online gaming community.

If you’re a content creator and are looking for an opportunity to join one of the UK’s most successful, and fastest-growing esports organizations, you should get in touch and Maybe Vexed could be your new home.

You can apply today via with the subject CC FORTNITE with a bio and your social media details included.

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