Hands on with the HyperX Revolver S

Posted by Admin September 30, 2017 in Reviews

In this addition of Vexed Reviews, we will be reviewing the magnificent Revolver S gaming headset by HyperX.


  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Clear and quality microphone
  • Amazing sound quality


A little bit more on the expensive side for headsets but the quality compensates for it.


In terms of design, the headset is similar to its predecessor consisting of the same strong frame, futuristic design and bold circular ear cups showing that you’re ready for battle with a muscular headset packed with power. The main noticeable feature of the new variant is that the HyperX Revolver S’s have white highlights giving it more of a simple design compared to other headsets loaded with RGB lighting and extravagant colours, this simple design introduces more of a fresher look to the headset market.

While being simple in design, the Revolver S is still a eye-catching design with bold features and being nothing excessive, you won’t be embarrassed to rock this while you are out and about, even looking better when you’re wearing your Vexed jersey.


The comfort of the headset is simply impeccable, the headset’s weight gives it a nice advantage as after a while of using it, it almost feels like the headset is not even there. The leather ear cups offers a very comfortable experience with the cups not being tight on the ears it rests easy and it’s soft suspension headband rids you of manual adjustment as it automatically adjusts to your head, once worn, saving you from sacrificing game time. The improved headband is said to distribute pressure evenly hence why it has an extra level comfort compared to its predecessor.

Sound Quality and PC Performance

The major difference to the Revolver S would be the addition of the Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound giving the user a more enhanced audio experience, the activation of the Surround Sound is simply done with the push of a button saving you time without having to fiddle with headset software. Especially in games which audio is a key factor like Counter Strike, which is why it is used by pros like Vanity and KQLY, the audio preset of bass boost really steps up in compensating for the Surround Sound, adding extra kick to the sound of the guns and more of a punch to the footsteps, making them sound even more clearer than ever.

Console Performance

The HyperX Revolver S is also compatible with consoles, despite the presets and surround sound being limited to PC, it still offers a good audio quality to console gamers if you do decide to plug it into your controllers 3.5mm jack port. Without the audio enhancements on, it can hold its own and perform very well on Console like on games like Modern Warfare Remastered, a First Person Shooter game, the headset made hearing footsteps and gunfire from any direction easily and with such amazing audio quality that you almost feel like you are on the battlefield.

Microphone and Cables

The removable mic on the Revolver S is really clear when communicating and ductile so you can move it as much as you want to get your preferred angle, from testing the microphone seems to virtually have no background noise so you can game without bothering your teammates but only hearing you clearly with no difficulty in crisp and clean quality.
With the extravagant quality of its mic, the selection of cables in the Revolver S’s arsenal is useful, the standard 3.3 foot cable gives you plenty stretch for you to plug into your phone, tablet or controller. Then when plugged into the USB sound box (which is required for surround sound) it adds to give you a total of 7.2 feet giving you a nice opportunity to you to lay back while PC Gaming or simply enjoying a movie. Don’t need surround sound? well the Revolver S comes handy packing a 6.6 foot extension so you can game in extreme comfort from a further distance not having to stay too close to the screen. The USB Sound Box can be used easily with two big buttons one for surround sound and one for muting the mic, and with two easy volume and mic sliders, also a button to switch between audio presets.

The Verdict

This headset by HyperX is exceptionally impressive and possesses all the qualities of an outstanding headset. Those qualities being remarkable sound quality, great design and an amazing microphone, the headset is super comfortable – offering a great array of features the HyperX Revolver S is a great iteration of its predecessor and one of the best headsets on the market, if you don’t believe it just look around and see the amount of pros who have the Revolver S in their arsenal.

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