IEM Oakland PUBG Qualifiers

Posted by Admin October 6, 2017 in Team VexedVexed PUBG

With the announcement of the IEM Oakland Player Unknown Battlegrounds Invitational, we are proud to announce that we will be competing with our two wonderfully talented players LRY and razMki (+2). The tournament has already invited 20 teams that are yet to be announced, we hope to attain qualification via the qualifiers.

At the invitational we will be battling it for a chance to qualify to compete at the main event and a chance at the $200,000 prize pool and the first place spot. Despite our recent entrance into the PUBG Battleground, we have been able to make significant amounts of progress and that’s thanks to our talented two players and with our journey to IEM Oakland we are not looking to disappoint but to amaze and to make history.

Neither will the qualifications or main events be easy, with 320 teams competing at a chance of glory, only 10 teams will succeed and we hope to be one of them. After our run at the Gamescom PUBG tournament, We are ready for the upcoming tournaments more than ever and with our players endless practise, their progress will show and it will all pay off in the tournaments we . Our main aim now is to consistently gain invitation for the upcoming PUBG events and hopefully win them too.

Our performance online recently has gone very well with our players taking the top 2 positions in the PUBG Duos EU ladder, we hope to maintain this consistency and succeed both online and offline at the events. Both of our players are excited to compete in the upcoming events and especially for the IEM Oakland Invitational.

We wish both of our players LRY and razMki good luck at the tournament, and we hope to see great performances from both of the players, we will be supporting them at the tournament. The IEM Oakland event is going to be great and we hope to see our fans supporting us at the event and at home, if you want to show your support for our Vexed PUBG team feel free to use the hashtag #FeelingVexed and pose with your favourite teams jersey (of course it’s the Vexed jersey). Do not forget to buy your tickets for the events, it’s going to be one hell of an event.