Levi “Loopy” Arnett to Head of Performance for Vexed Gaming

Posted by Admin March 16, 2023 in NewsTeam Vexed

Levi “Loopy” Arnett to Head of Performance for Vexed Gaming

We believe that investing in our players’ performance both within the game and outside of the game is essential to achieving long-term success. With that being said, we are thrilled to announce the latest update within our esports division. With Levi’s impressive background and diverse skill set, along with his constant strive to improve, we couldn’t think of a better individual to become our new Head of Performance.

Levi will work closely with our talent to ensure they are in top physical and mental shape. By designing bespoke plans to suit the individuals needs, our players will be able to improve their overall gameplay and maximize their potential. Levi’s expertise in performance coaching will also provide our players with the tools needed to manage common situations Esports Players find themselves in such as high pressure situations and stress.

“I’m extremely excited to take on the role of Head of Performance at Vexed. I am truly fortunate to be at an organization where my values align with theirs. We both want to cultivate well-rounded esports athletes, but also happy and successful people.

While at Vexed, I plan to bring a renewed focus on mental health and well-being, and soon physical fitness and nutrition assistance as a personal trainer and sports nutrition coach. My mission will be to provide the players with the best education, resources, and support to not only achieve their goals in their respective games but to also achieve goals they may have in their personal lives.”

– Levi “Loopy” Arnett, Head of Performance

Levi has a deep rooted passion for gaming and has been coaching our Apex Legends roster since the start of the year and really demonstrated his skills at bootcamp and LAN for ALGS Split 1 Playoffs..

“After having worked closely with and spending a lot of time with Levi during ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in London, it became clear that he is extremely passionate about players well-being and their performance and is an absolute pleasure to work with. His team values align perfectly with those of Vexed Gaming and myself and I am looking forward to working closely with him to ensure our players have the support they need. Well-being and mental health are incredibly important in the gaming space and I am excited to see Levi raise the bar for Vexed Gaming.”

– Dan O’Hare, Chief Gaming Officer

We are excited to have Levi progress with us at Vexed Gaming and look forward to the impact he will have on our players and the Organisation as a whole.

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