Logitech G305 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Posted by Admin June 7, 2018 in Reviews

Today we will be taking a look a the Logitech G305 Wireless Gaming Mouse.


You may mistake this very mouse for the Pro mouse, despite being similar in design – the G305 mouse is a bit lighter than the Pro. If you prefer lighter mice, then this is great for you and gives you more freedom to move about. The mouse does not offer any option to add weights, unlike other Logitech mice. Despite it being light, the shell of the mouse is very durable and could survive a fall from your desk – which is great considering there is no cord!

The curve of the mouse feels nice on your hands, The comfortability is makes long gaming sessions easy on the wrists. Even when playing with a claw grip, it feels great and you can access all 6 programmable buttons easily. Also when testing out the scroll wheel i found it feelt  very pleasant and smooth.

Beneath this mighty mouse, it contains the might HERO (High Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor. This sensor is great and the sensor you find in the more expensive mice that Logitech has to offer, also offering a wide range of DPI from 100 to 12,000 it means that this mouse is suitable for any type of gamer – FPS, MOBA and whatnot. The mouse also contains a little storage for you to place your USB dongle, great for travelling and with its Lightspeed wireless technology possessing 1ms latency you won’t be feeling the difference when switching from wired to wireless.

The battery life in this mighty mouse allows you to game for 250 hours.


Like most of Logitech’s peripherals, the G305 can be controlled using the Logitech Gaming Software. Despite there being no flashy RGB effects or lighting, it gives you a great control over your button configuration and allows you to set up DPI presets so you are able to switch easily when you are switching games. The software also allows you to change the mouse’s response rate.


The performance on the G305 is phenomenal when in-game and it never lets you down, in any area. While playing various different games such as CSGO, PUBG and Paladins – the mouse performed fantastically thanks to its great responsiveness and the comfortability of this very affordable mice. In any situation with its different DPI presets, it always performed well and allowed me to dominate the battlefield without flaw. Testing this on various different mouse pads with different surfaces, the mouse was able to glide freely even on the hard surface.

As mentioned before due to the light-speed communication technology, you never feel like you are playing on a wireless mouse it feels exactly like a wired gaming mouse and that’s one reason why this mouse performs so well.

Final Verdict

The G305 Lightning Wireless Gaming Mouse is a remarkable peripheral, overflowing with great features you could ever want for the price of £59.99.

Despite it not being the flashiest gamer mice, it does it job brilliantly. Amazing responsiveness, great connectivity, flawless accuracy and all for half of the price of other wireless gaming mice. If you have been wary of purchasing a wireless mouse, then this should be your go-to mice for great performance, quality and amazing light-speed connectivity.


  • Amazing Sensor
  • As fast as a wired mouse
  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Simple but beautiful design