Logitech G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Posted by Admin June 28, 2018 in Reviews

Today we will be taking a look at the Logitech G513 Carbon RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard which is available for purchase via our friends at Ebuyer.com

This keyboard is definitely what you want if you’re looking for an upgrade or if you want a keyboard that has all of the features of a great keyboard so lets dive into it.


The first time unboxing this keyboard, I could instantly see that it is a sturdy and well-built keyboard. The overall aluminium base for the keyboard makes for a great finish and ready to be tested on the virtual battlefield. The keycaps compliment the base of the keyboard fantastically.

The G513, unlike its predecessor the G413, comes with a wonderful wrist rest which protects your wrists from the ache and strain caused by those long gaming sessions. The wrist rest itself contains a memory foam cushion which makes it extremely comfy, kind of like a pillow for your hard working hands to rest on. If you don’t like this feature then do not worry, the wrist rest is easly fully detachable.

The keyboard does not utilise any dedicated media keys or a volume control. However, it does have a handy ‘gaming mode’ which prevents random Windows keys presses which would result in your gaming minimizing!

The switches used in the keyboard are Logitech’s own Romer-G mechanical switches. There are two types of switches available, the Romer-G Linear and Romer-G Tactile. However, do not worry if you think that it’s completely different to the Cherry MX switches – the Romer-G Linear can be likened to the Cherry MX with fast key presses, the Romer-G Tactile being likened to the Cherry MX Brown, with ‘Tactile’ response.

While testing the two types, it performed even better than the traditional Cherry MX switches. We would recommend the Romer-G Linear more for gaming and the Romer-G Linear Tactile if you’d like a more click experience. However, while the Carbon model features these two switches, the Silver model only possesses the Tactile switches.

The feel of the key caps are lovely and smooth. While typing it did not make prone to errors, perfectly spaced out key caps that deliver a great experience. and the larger key caps such as the Space-bar proved resistant to wobbling due to it’s sturdy design. If you want to distinguish your WASD keys from your other keys, then Logitech has also got you covered with a great set of replacement keys that have a more deeper shape to them and gives a nice feeling while you are gaming.

In terms of RGB lighting, Logitech have done a great job with the implementation of full RBG lighting. This little upgrade has put it up there with other top end respectable RGB keyboards on the market. The lighting itself is great instead of the light coming from the keyboard itself, it shines through the key caps giving it a smoother look.

The G513 also possesses a handy 2.0 USB port at the back of the keyboard, which can be used to plug in your mouse or headset. The keyboard itself requires two USB ports in order to function


Like most Logitech Gaming peripherals, this keyboard utilised the Logitech Gaming software. The software is easy to navigate and functions well. It offers you pre-key lighting whereby you can map your own lighting effects or you can use the existing lighting presents such as ripple, breathing etc.

As well as the lighting customisation, you can assign macros to certain games.


Overall the performance of the keyboard in game is outstanding. The Romer-G switches continuously giving me speedy responses in game and I felt I was fully in control with zero delay. I personally preferred Linear switches due to its smooth and speedy response but if you would like a more feedback orientated experience then you should certainly check out the Tactile switches.

The keyboard is very comfortable and supported me during a long session of Realm Royale with zero pain. So it will definitely not affect your gameplay but will support you in any situation in-game.

This keyboard may not be for those hardcore MOBA and MMO gamers as it lacks those dedicated macro keys.

Final Verdict

This Logitech keyboard possesses all of the features of a great keyboard: great keycaps, great design and beautiful RGB lighting.

– Beautiful design
– Great performance
– Comfortable wrist rest

– The wrist rest could be more stable