Logitech Pro Gaming Headset Review

Posted by Admin September 4, 2018 in Reviews

Welcome to another edition of Vexed Reviews, in today’s review we will be reviewing another amazing product from Logitech – the Logitech Pro Gaming Headset.



  • Amazing performance for competitive and online play
  • Great and comfortable design
  • Can be used with many devices



  • Mic can be fuzzy sometimes
  • Not really a headset to be used with music but for gaming.


Alongside it’s mouse and keyboard counterparts the G Pro mouse and G Pro keyboard, this line of peripherals provide a very comfortable experience for all gamers, casual and competitive alike. The price tag is very reasonable and is a worthy peripheral for competitive play.




The design of this headset is great. With a sleek black colour with over-the-ear cups and a sturdy metal headband. The overall design may not be as aethestic as other higher priced peripherals but it does certainly have a solid and bold look.


The headset has a detachable mic and 3.5mm cable means you can take it out on the road, so it’s tournament ready. The cable itself has a mic mute button and volume control, which is good if you don’t want to be fiddling with your PC trying to change the volume.


The headset also comes with two different types of ear cups: leatherette and fabric ear cups. Which is great if you’re into a bit of customisation with your ear cups.




The headset possesses all of the festures required to reach the perfect fit for you. With customisable ear cups and the flexible headband it provides a more comfortable experience compared to traditionally cheaper headsets. Even with glasses it doesn’t feel like my glasses are going to get squashed when gaming for hours on end.




This headset is great in competitive play however in immersion orientated single player games it does not perform as well. This was the result of testing the headset in games such as the Battlefield single player campaign, CSGO and Overwatch.


If you’re looking for something to improve your competitive skills, then this headset has what you are looking for. This headset was really fun to play with as I had an instant advantage over my opponents while playing CSGO, I could hear them clearly therefore i could pinpoint their exact position and execute them swiftly.


In general the headset performs well on every platform whether it’d be PS4 or mobile, everything can be heard and understood clearly.


Mic Performance


The quality of the microphone when speaking and recording is decent, you are able to hear yourself clearly at a good volume. However, a problem with the mic is that there may be some background fuzzing while speaking through the mic. The interference is not really annoying it’s just at sometimes where the mic produces a fuzzy quality. With that said it is not a mic worthy to be used in a podcast.


Final Verdict


Overall the headset is great for competitive play and for general use. It really depends on what you will be using the headset for but if your aspiration is to compete at a greater level competitively then this is the headset for you, providing you with all of the essentials required to succeed and dominate your opponents. If you’re looking for something that will serve you in all purposes, then you should invest in headsets such as the Logitech G633, which may be higher priced but it is an headset that serves as an all-purpose peripheral.