NAU Drinks – Snse

Posted by Admin August 29, 2018 in Sponsored Editorial

Our Sponsors and friends at NAU Drinks sell functional food & beverages designed completely for gamers.  For too long, esports enthusiasts have only had access to products envisioned for other physically intensive activities and sports. For this reason, NAU Snse™ was created – the first cognitive performance drink, meant for gamers.

NAU’s first product, Snse™, contains active ingredients such as lemon balm, L-theanine, cognivia (combination of Spanish and garden sage), and a vitamin- & mineral boost for reduced fatigue. The recipe is designed to enhance your focus by making you calm in body & sharp in mind. Together with researchers, the company decided to exclude any ingredients that risks giving the user energy- & concentration crashes when the effect wears off. For that reason, Snse™ is free from caffeine and caffeine crashes. The drink is currently available in one flavour, Lemon Balm & Elderflower.

Instead of giving you an energy crash, NAU are offering enhanced mental performance.