Paladins Roster Update 06.06.18

Posted by Admin June 6, 2018 in Team VexedVexed Paladins

Soon after the PCS Spring Finals we announced that TTRAQ would be stepping down into an inactive role within the the Vexed Paladins roster, stating that he is in need of a break.

Today we would like to welcome Eoin  Thompson to the Vexed Paladins Roster, We had a successful debut match with him substituting for us earlier this week and have decided to bring him under our wing fulltime. We look forward to seeing how things progress from here.

The Updated Vexed Paladins Roster is as follows;

Nick “Naaaarrrrk” Prosser

Rhys “W3LSHMANIA” Ellesmere
George “WRLDedit” Hardman
Liam “LexiXen” Walker-Adair
Eion “Kingz” Thompson
Kyle “Kizza Froskene” Woolis

Joseph “TTranq” McAuley