Three Days, 3 Tours. – 7th May Esports Roundup 

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There was plenty of Vexed Esports action over the course of the weekend with Halo: Infinite taking part in Europa Halo Spring Series Open 1, MysticSmash fighting his way through Capcom Pro Tour 2022 – UK/IE and Apex Legends dropping hot in the ALGS Championship LCQ #2. Incase you missed the action, here’s a brief summary of what went on:

Europa Halo Spring Series Open 1 – Top 4

Vexed Halo started off in the usual dominating fashion breezing through their first 3 games (despite the use of a stand-in) with their first challenge coming up against some familiar faces in “Blvcker Hvnd” where they fell to a 0-2 and dropped into the lower bracket The lower first match saw Vexed eliminate a team 2-0 before falling to “Diamond Dogs” 1-2 in the Lower Semi’s leaving a placement of 4th.

Capcom Pro Tour 2022 – UK/IE – 9th

After Mystic’s very recent announcement he made his Vexed Gaming debut in the Capcom Pro Tour 2022 – UK/IE. Despite Street Fighter V being more of a secondary game and not where his main focus lies, he came out swinging with a swift 2-0 sending his initial opponent to the lower bracket, before putting up a respectable 1-2 against “broski”. Mystic’s lower bracket run saw victory after victory on his way to the Top 16, even eliminating the likes of Reason Gaming’s “KingNashor”. Mystic’s top 16 run saw an extremely convincing 2-0 against “akaJonesss” before falling 1-2 to Infexious leaving Mystic with a final placement of 9th.

ALGS Championship – Last Chance Qualifier #2 – 11th

The stakes are high and the drops are hot! With only 2 spots left to qualify for the ALGS Championships and a potential of 4 sets of 6 games ahead, it was clear everyone was in for a challenge. Winners Round 1 was a tough day for the Vexed squad, with things seemingly just not going their way, but the resilience and determination of the squad showed and secured a 9th place finish progressing them onto the Winners Round 2 bracket.

Sadly our luck followed suit and a series of rough games let finals slip out of our hands, we secured 11th and dropped into the Losers Round 2 bracket. With a good night’s sleep and a soft reset, a consistent series of games leaves us at 5th going into the Final’s round feeling strong.

18 games down and 6 more to go and this time with the most competitive lobby yet, with the likes of Navi, Guild, Scarz, K1CK and Zeta Division in the mix all competing for the Top 2 finish required to secure qualification. Unfortunately, it was just not our day as we finished out at 11th. With the experience and growth gained this season – we’ll be back better than ever!
We’d like to say GG and congratulate Scarz and Zeta Division on their qualification and wish them the best of luck as they represent EMEA in the ALGS Championships.

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