TwitchCon Europe Survival Guide

Posted by Admin April 10, 2019 in News

We’re packing our bags and flying over to berlin on Friday to attend Europe’s first ever TwitchCon in Berlin! Joining us will be Vexed Stream team member Synthesis aswell as our Battle Royale Pro, DrSodiumTV.

Twitchcon is a fantastic convention for the twitch streaming community, bringing together esports professionals, Cosplayers, Streamers, Viewers, Gamers and other individuals from the gaming, esports and content creation industry. With TwitchCon Europe being the EU’s first taste of twitchcon, we thought we would put together a small survival guide for those attending!

Esports Tournaments

In the past we have seen TwitchCon host a number of tournaments such as the H1Z1 invitiational, a PUBG tournament and 2019 will be no different with twitch rivals being front and centre with the Apex Legends events and twitch rivals League of Legends country showdown.

Meet and Greet

Now, We’ve done our fair share of these in the past and wow does the queue get long! Be sure to head down with plenty of time to skip the queue to meet your favorite pro gamer and twitch streamer! Twitch schedules specific slots throughout each day where you can meet some of the larger streamers to quickly chat, get an autograph and take a photo and flex about it on social media.


For those seeking to become streamers or level up their streaming game many intersting discussion panels are availible to attend each day, taking a look at the TwitchCon Europe schedule we can see many interesting topics from ‘Streaming 101’ and ‘getting to know your audience’ on saturday morning through to ‘essential business advice for every twitch streamer’ on the sunday evening.

Community Meetups

Its always nice to be able to put a face to a voice, now this is your chance! Meet up with like minded people and community members at twitchcon, during the days their are many meet ups arranged, from ‘UK Affiliate meet ups’ though to game orientated meet ups such as FIFA and Path of Exile.


TwitchCon arrives in berlin April 13-14 2019! Keep an eye on our twitter and instagram for behind the scenes footage and exclusive giveaways.