Vexed Announce Apex Legends 2022 ALGS Pro League Roster

Posted by Admin February 15, 2022 in Uncategorized

We said we would be back.

As an early adopter of Apex Legends esports and after a short time away, we are excited to make our return to Apex Legends with our acquisition of the ‘Ethernal’ roster.

Formed in August last year and with some real signs of promise, especially with their most recent placing in the ALGS: 2022 Split 1 Playoffs, finishing 13th. We are confident that this team can go on to great things with our support.

Please welcome the Vexed Gaming Apex Legends roster for 2022:
Adam “muhhn” Mooney
Josef “B4mbino” Nedorost
Daniel “jelliedcorn” Piechota
Andrea “Colo” Colombo (Coach)

“I’m ecstatic to finally have a place we can call home, feels like all our work so far has paid off, and it seriously motivates us tenfold for the future Joining an org like Vexed is really important to me because I love the style, the design, the ideas behind Vexed as an org, it feels really good to be apart of it! It’s especially cool to join Vexed because it was one of the orgs I’ve kept an eye on since the start of me playing Apex!” – Adam “muhhn” Mooney

“I am happy to see our Organisation return to the game that started my time here at Vexed, we came close to achieving something great during my time and there has always been a feeling of a job left unfinished and am really excited to work with the roster and to see them take the upcoming ALGS split head on! They have a lot of promise and I am sure they are ready to continue to show it.” – Dan O’Hare, Head of Esports and Talent

The Vexed Gaming Apex Legends roster will be making their debut under the Organisation in the Apex Legends Global Series: Split 2 Pro League, which begins on 26th February.

To keep in the know about the Vexed Gaming Apex Legends roster, be sure to follow the action on Twitter and on Instagram.