Vexed Crowned i61 Champions!

Posted by Admin August 31, 2017 in Team VexedVexed CSGO

We’ve only gone and done it!

Last weekend saw us fight through the gruelling group stages at the NEC Arena without dropping a single map, we continued our streak in the play offs until meeting with Reason Gaming who then dropped us into the lower bracket after defeating us 2-1. Due to being dropped to the lower bracket we then had to win 3 more matches to meet Reason in the Grand Finals.

The lower brackets begin and we take down Xenex with one hell of a tight series closing it out 2-0. Next up was Project X, which we then showed a strong fight against closing out the match 2-1. Finally, we faced the well-established CEX Esports in a best of 3 Lower Bracket final, to make the grand final. CEX started strong, closing out the first 10-5 after a shaky CT performance from ourselves. T side started with a dominant performance from ourselves and this continued for 10 rounds, reaching 15-10 and map point for ourselves until we lost our first round. CEX took a round making it 15-11 until we took control once again, and closed out the map. Next up was Nuke, in which we showed a strong performance on the CT side, closing the first half down 10-5 in our favour, CEX then took the pistol round. The game reached 15-15 and we headed into our first overtime, which saw us ruin CEX’s chances of winning, closing the game out in OT1 19-16 with a flawless final CT A site hold.

The Grand Finals began and Reason Gaming had a 1 map advantage, due to coming in from the upper bracket in this best of 5.

The first map of the series was Inferno, where we started CT and took the pistol round, but then Reason showed up and took the anti eco and tied it up 1-1. We traded rounds up until 3-3 and Reason started to pull away. Until we came in with a perfect A Site retake, to make the score 5-8. We took two more rounds and closed the first half out 7-8, Reason took the pistol round and soon took the score to 7-10. We took the rifle round and began to hunt for the win and closed the game out 16-13.

Map two began on Cobblestone and again Reason Gaming take the pistol round, but a force buy comes in from us to secure the round 1-1. Similar to the last map, we continued to trade rounds with Reason pulling away, but we brought it back and won the first half 8-7. A strong CT Side came out and then we saw Vanity ACE the 27th round, which saw us close the map out 16-11 after a tough start.

The final map drew near on Mirage, and we exploded, but unfortunately Reason came in with the retake. We then took the rifle round to make the it 1-2, and then continued to open up sites and shut Reason down. We started to pull away to victory and eased our way to a 10-5 half. Our CT half began and we took the pistol after a fantastic retake. The momentum continued until round 22, where Reason took a round from us, followed by two more. With our economy looking poor, the team decided to eco one more. After a fantastic flurry of aim duels it came down to a 1v1 vs Vexed IGL Sheekey, armed with nothing more than a Five Seven and Cinder with an AK. Sneakey Sheekey walked up from CT and shut him down from behind. We claimed our revenge and secured the 3-1 victory.


A huge thank you to our sponsors at Ebuyer, Seagate, HyperX and Ballistix Gaming.