Vexed enter the realm

Posted by Admin March 6, 2018 in Team VexedVexed Paladins

We are extremely excited to announce our acquisition of the the ex-Gankstars Paladins roster.

With a third-place finish at Dreamhack and Hi Rez Expo earlier this year the team have cemented themselves as the best in the UK and strong challengers within the international scene. we believe with our backing the team will be able to reach new heights.

“With Paladins Esports on the rise, We’re excited to be pioneering the console scene with Vexed Gaming.. With their support we hope we can continue our growth as a team and put the highest level of play on display across the world under the Vexed banner” – Liam “LexiXen” Walker-Adair

The team are due to debut under Vexed Gaming in the PCS this Friday (march 9th 2018) which you can catch on

The Vexed Gaming Paladins Console Team can be found below:

Nick “Naaaarrrrk” Prosser
Rhys “W3LSHMANIA” Ellesmere
George “WRLDedit” Hardman
Joseph “TTranq” McAuley
Liam “LexiXen” Walker-Adair
Kyle “Kizza Froskene” Woolis