Vexed Hearthstone Top 4 and top 8 finishes at King of Nordic : Birdie 27

Posted by Admin June 1, 2017 in Team VexedVexed Hearthstone

Vexed Gaming Hearthstone had great results at King of Nodic: Birdie 27 with s1N making top 4 and RDee going top 8. The Hearthstone tournament had a total a small prize pool of 2k Euro which was distributed to top 8 making both our players get a little share. A great little warm up for our up coming major events.


“Me and s1N both had a great experience at Birdie, tho there was a lot of technical issues..Competing live always makes me happy, there is so much more to it then playing online you meet new people in the scene is awesome. Outside of gaming you get to know all these up and coming and already well established players. This is what makes LAN’s special, so we are super happy to be able to represent Vexed at these events while doing what we love.

I ended up losing in top 8, but I did lose to the winner of the whole LAN Chewie, which makes you feel a bit better haha! It was also great to see s1N put out results and beating last year’s winner “ThatGuy”, we can not wait to go to Dreamhack and play for Vexed!”


“My performance and my experience at birdie couldnt honestly have been better. After last year i felt that i was coming back way stronger this year, going 2-0 after 2 rounds really made me feel confident and then making 3-1 final score which made me and rdee go through to top 8. In top 8 i faced Teroz, the only player i lost to during the swiss stage, and this time i managed to mindgame him by switching some of my decks in the lineup. After that i faced the one guy who went undefeated in the swiss, and sadly lost to him which resulted in me playing a 3rd/4th place decider game vs one of my best friend, dugge. I managed to win over Dugge and take the 3rd place. Overall im super happy about both mine and rdees performance and i hope that we can show ourselves even stronger for dreamhack Summer!”

We at Vexed are happy too see our boys bring in results after results recently putting up good performances against teams such as Liquid, Complexity and alliance, We can’t wait to see what they will bring to Dreamhack Summer!

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