Vexed sets aims for success with new signing

Posted by Admin January 29, 2020 in Team VexedVexed CSGO

Following an eventful, Underwhelming year, Vexed Gaming is breathing new life into its CSGO roster through today’s announcement that Russel ‘Russ’ Mendes will be joining the team.

‘Russ is a rather remarkable talent and one that dovetails effortlessly with the rest of the team,’ commented Mark Weller, Chief Gaming Offer for Vexed. ‘As with any player, it not just a matter of individual skill, but a blend of that with team spirit and, above all dedication. Russ’s skill is enhanced by his motivation and determination to climb the world rankings with this roster. He is a deserved addition to team Vexed and one that will bring a great deal of excitement to our performances’

‘It’s a real honor to be asked to join Vexed,’ added Russ. ‘It’s no exaggeration to say that Vexed is the most exciting organisation in the UK. Their professionalism in the space is equaled by the excitement they bring to the wider esports community. Putting on the Kappa jersey for the first time was a real thrill and a moment of great pride. I am truly thrilled to be part of the team that will dominate this year.’

Russ will kick start his time at Vexed this weekend as he debuts at the Supreme Masters Europe Invitational, in Switzerland. He’ll continue with the team in the immediate future with ESEA, Winners League and the ESL UK Premiership.

‘We have a lot to prove to ourselves this year, however, we now have a team whose skill is surpassed only by their determination to win. Whatever happens this year, Vexed will prove to be one of the most exciting teams to watch,’ concluded Weller.