Vexed Talk Esports on BBC Sports

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Earlier this week, Vexed Gaming’s Chief Gaming Officer, Mark Weller sat down with the BBC to discuss Esports and what Esports and Gaming has done for him ahead of the Commonwealth Games 2022, Where Mark has been appointed Team Manager for England Esports.

Excerpt from BBC Sports Interview;

“It’s an opportunity for us to educate on esports and it being about much more than just playing a game.”

The news that this year’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham would include esports as a pilot event faced opposition from traditionalists.

The inaugural Commonwealth Esports Championships will run alongside this summer’s Games, but have separate branding, medals and organisation. But there is hope that esports could become part of the full programme by the 2026 event.

After being appointed as team manager of the England esports squad, Mark Weller spoke to BBC Sport about leading the country into a new era of competitive entertainment.

Weller draws parallels between esports and chess, which is a recognised sport by the International Olympic Committee, as an example that physical activity does not always translate to an activity being classed as sport. He said: “I get it. You are sedentary and sitting there. Both esports and chess are similar in that it’s extremely competitive where every decision you make in one moment really matters.

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