XBOX Games Showcase 2020

Posted by Admin July 23, 2020 in News

With Xbox due to showcase their next generation line up of games this Thursday June 23rd, we give our thoughts on what we could see at the event.

“No business, devices or similar news, just games.” This is what Xbox Marketing GM Aaron Greenberg had to say in a recent tweet regarding this Thursday’s Xbox Games Showcase. It’s a promising statement for fans who were left clamouring for more at the last Xbox 20/20 event in May, and those who are keen to see Xbox show their much-anticipated, next-generation line up. But what games might we see exactly? We thought we would run down what Xbox might have up their sleeve later this week, from the heavily rumoured, to the wishful thinking, and everything in between.

Halo Infinite

It has already been confirmed that Halo Infinite will be shown at the Showcase and it’s really no surprise. As Xbox’s big hitter come launch day, there’s a lot riding on a positive showing for Infinite at this week’s showcase. It is confirmed that campaign gameplay will be shown at the event. In our opinion, it’ll showcase an open-world style campaign akin to the Halo Combat Evolved reveal way back at E3 2000. 343 will aim to recapture the wonder and vastness of Halo’s classic sandbox that the series is so well-known and loved for.
There has been no mention of multiplayer and 343 may very well keep the showcase to campaign only with potentially a multiplayer reveal trailer, but that remains to be seen.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2
Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 was first shown at the Game Awards all the way back in December 2019. A sequel to 2017’s Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Hellblade 2 is another one of Xbox’s next-gen exclusives. Running on the Unreal 5 engine, the game will surely look incredible. We would expect some sort of gameplay trailer for Hellblade 2 at the Showcase to really highlight what the Series X can do.


Now this game is somewhat of a mystery. Revealed in late 2019, the trailer we have seen for this Xbox exclusive shows a colourful and magical world which Rare themselves say will offer “unique and unforgettable experiences.” It’s unclear whether we will see gameplay from Everwild at the Showcase but with the reveal being one of the most noteworthy moments back at X019, Everwild is a game Xbox will be keen to show us more of in the run up to the launch of Series X.


Finally, one of the most heavily rumoured games for the next generation of Xbox is a reboot of the Fable franchise. Playground games, the team behind the fantastic Forza Horizon series, are rumoured to be working on it as their next title. The renewal of the Fable trademark along with a Fable Twitter account being registered has furthered the speculation. Although these rumours have been played down by Xbox themselves, it seems almost certain that a reboot of Fable is in the works and hopefully, this will be confirmed at the Xbox Showcase. Even just the showing of a logo would be a huge statement to end the event and generate hype for Xbox around the next generation of consoles.

So that’s our run down for some of the games we think will be shown at the Xbox Games Showcase, happening this Thursday 23rd July at 9am PT/5pm BST. It’s sure to be a huge event and one many gamers are incredibly excited for. For more of our thoughts on gaming and esports, keep up with Vexed on Twitter @Vexed_GG.

Written by John Myerscough.